Vili Hegyi - Me

About me

Software developer from Romania with 5 years of software development experience.

My name is Vilmos Hegyi (Vili). I'm a Romanian living in the small town of Arad since I was born in 1997.

I like exploring new technology and trying out new stuff, be it either technology related or just making one's life easier. I consider myself a team player, but can also work solo. Turning Pepsi into code is what I specialized in among keeping a good mood in the team with various memes, to remember to have a laugh once in a while.

I'm a Software Developer / Contractor / Consultant who provides his software services, mainly in C++ but I might have experimented with other languages as well in personal projects or that I have stumbled upon the project I've been working on, such as: JavaScript, Python, Java, Flutter, Go and many more across various platforms like Windows, Linux, macOS.

I'm a Software Developer / Contractor / Consultant with more thans 5 years experience who provides his software consulting services, mainly in C++ with a bit of knowledge of other languages too across a various platforms.